End of the Engine

Why Engine Powered Cars will soon be worthless

It changed our society forever. From day one men have loved it, and when it got eight cylinders in the shape of a V, their love was forever cast.

It’s the engine of course. It effortlessly converts the energy in fuel to work. Work that has created modern society, get’s our kids to school on time, keeps our lawns nicely cut, and propels all of those awesome sports cars we love (ok, not all).

But there has always been a hidden cost. A cost that we have only recently begun to understand: these devices pure millions of tons of poisonous gases into the atmosphere every day and it’s so bad it’s affecting global climate change.

record number of small gas stations closing.

  1. FACT: Many gas stations are just barely making it.
  2. Companies are tripping over themselves to get electric powered vehicles on the market.
  3. Honda’s goal is to have two-thirds of its cars electrified by 2030.
  4.  Soon, consumers will be able to buy an comprable electric car for the same price as a gasoline powered car
  5. Once poor performing gas stations go under, gas will get harder to find.
  6. This will encourage more people to go electric
  7. This will put even more gas stations out of business.

Stage 1: Popularity of electric cars continues to grow.

Stage 2: Loss in gasoline sales begins to affect gas stations.

Stage 3: Gasoline stations begin to fail.

Stage 4: The lack of local gasoline encourage more people to buy electric

Stage 5: Stage 4 causes the value of gas powered cars to sink.

Stage 6: The cycle continues until gas powered cars are almost worthless.

Tesla’s technology lead for making electric cars is racing along and is the the point that they are so far ahead of traditional auto makers that, most likely, the traditional auto makers cannot catch up.



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